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Diary of a Mad, Mad Coffee Stand Pt. 2

The week continues.  Painfully. Tuesday – Our weekly order of supplies doesn’t arrive until after lunch, so I have to get it all put away before I leave at 3:30, and of course, it’s a huge, heavy order with tons of 5 lb bags of coffee that need to be hoisted up on flimsy shelving […]


Haiku Movie Reviews

The Proposal (C+) Sandra, oh so blah Ryan, oh so hot, yet blah Where did two hours go? The Hangover (B+) Such raunchy hijinks Parents will not find funny Cult fav you should know Inglorious Basterds (B+) Great plot. Worth renting. Quentin due for looney bin, but man can make films.


Have you noticed…?

… the links near the top of the blog, under the header?  You can check out my reading list, and what movies I’ve been watching. … the picture of Tally pup in the right side bar?  It’ll take you to my digital photos on Photobucket. … the tags listed at the bottom of each post?  […]


Diary of a Mad, Mad Coffee Stand

So, my immediate boss at Starbucks is on vacation this week.  She left me in charge, meaning I’m working 8 hours a day, Monday-Thursday, and aside from the regular coffee-making tasks, I also have to do the managery stuff, (paperwork, dealing with the order, and worrying about everything).  Good fun. I’ve survived one day so […]


Clean and Simple FTL #84

My favorite part of this card is that I used two different stamps to make the greeting.  Each word came from a different stamp and I used the Stamp-a-ma-jig to place them next to one another.  The chick in the egg was colored with Stampin’ Up blender pens, and the card layout is based on […]


Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday was work; Sunday was shopping. Spring wardrobe shopping. I dutifully cleaned out my dresser drawers last week, identifying pieces that I needed for spring (instead of just buying more of the exact same thing I already have six of in the closet). NavyGuy agreed to go to the “good mall” in Lynnwood with me […]


Random Happy Friday Photo

Sketch posted this photo from Thanksgiving on Facebook, and I’ve been using it to make me smile today.  Little Squeaker Tally is trying to climb up Brother-in-Law’s leg all “hi, I’m here, I’m cute, wanna play?, I wanna play, I love you, got any food?, I love you, where’s my cousin Lucy?, she’s fun to […]


Cranky Pants

Grrr. I just got back from this month’s squadron spouses’ meeting.  It was less long-winded than usual, but the news we did cover was poopy – NavyGuy’s going to be gone for my birthday!!! Obviously, before his deployment slid two months, he would have been gone (my bday’s in April).  But now that he’s not […]


2010 Book Challenge Update

We’re getting close to the end of March, so it’s time to check in on the 2010 Book Challenge progress!  How are we all doing?  NavyGuy pointed out to me that the end of March is 1/4 of the way through the year, so I should be a quarter of the way to my goal… […]


Poppy Seed Challenge #2 – Version 2.0

When your first try doesn’t make your heart sing – try, try again. 🙂  I regrouped and re-stamped.  HistoryGirlie had a good suggestion about threading the buttons, but alas, I have no thread in the house so the buttons remained naked.  But, I added more color, changed the layout, and I like this version better […]