If you can swing it…

…do your Thanksgiving grocery shopping at 9:30pm on a Thursday night. It was positively glorious. The Safeway was nearly empty. A few burly men stocking cranberry juice and malt-o-meal. Some twenty-three year olds buying ice cream and beer.

(Clearly not my actual cart… bananas, oranges, and no Oreos? Or Cheerios? Or anything ending in “o’s”?… why bother going to the store!?!)

I didn’t have to wait in line. I didn’t have to battle anyone for the last can of Libby’s pumpkin pie mix. I didn’t have to stop myself from strangling the senior citizen who parked her cart in the middle of the aisle while she emptied her purse looking for some 10 cents off coupon (or a butterscotch candy). No screaming children, no loud cell-phone talkers, no congestion in the parking lot, no congestion around the sweet potato stand.

Downright blissful.

Now if only Target were open 24 hours and I could get all my Christmas shopping done this way, we’d be golden.

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