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Howdy folks!  I’m off to shop with TWP for all the last minute craft supplies we need to make the wedding invites.  I spent yesterday in Madison doing wedding-ness, but I’m going to wait until I’m back in Washington and have time to give each wedding task appropriate coverage (plus then I’ll have photos to share).

In the meantime, I thought I’d update those of you who know me in “the real world” and fill you in on how some of the other people in my life are doing!
~ HistoryGirlie’s daughter Kitty is going to have tubes put in her ears this morning to finally deal with all of the infections she’s been getting.  Poor little girl has been suffering since before Christmas, and an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doc) was finally able to see her and fix the problem.  Doc says that this is going to make a world of difference!  Hop on over to HistoryGirlie’s site and send her some love today while her little one is recovering.
~ TWP is recovering from her latest debacle… while playing on the floor with my godbaby last week, godbaby fell on top of TWP and broke TWP’s nose with her rock hard skull!  Okay, so technically TWP’s nose was only “fractured,” but I think that’s a technicality that should be ignored – girl got her nose busted!  TWP is on the mend though, and now has enough stories to guilt trip her daughter at least into her mid-20s… 😉
~ My MOH, who I mentioned is preggers, is doing great!  She’s about 22 weeks along, and has a super cute belly bump.  Girl managed to get through the first trimester without any morning sickness (I know, completely not fair), and is feeling really good.  We did some baby shopping this past weekend and had a great time ooohing and ahhhhing over the crib she and her hubby picked out.  They’re planning to be surprised by the baby’s gender, so they’re going with a neutral colored animal theme nursery.  
~ Sister is busy as ever with work.  She works for Sports-4-Kids (gratuitous shout out!) overseeing many of the school coordinators, and it seems like there’s never a “down time” in her job!  Lucy the puppy is as naughty as ever (so happy that hasn’t changed).
If I’ve missed any important news, throw a line in the comments!
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