Halloween Wrap-Up

We do not get trick-or-treaters at our house, likely because of being on a busy main road, with no sidewalks, in a non-neighborhood of sorts, and up a moderate hill.  So, I made sure my porch light was out and spent the afternoon and evening with a few of the squadron ladies who a) do have kids, and b) do get actual trick-or-treaters!

Downtown Anacortes does a business trick-or-treating event for kids.  Our small group (including two moms, one toddler, one 11 week old, one dog, and myself) braved the wind and rain (it was horrible) to wander up and down Commercial Ave stocking up on sweets.  It was fun – many of the business owners dress up and it’s a nice small-scale event for younger kids.  It’s still light out, they have auxiliary police officers (grey panthers in glow vests) managing traffic, and there’s so many cute kiddos in costumes.  And despite the nasty weather, we all had fun getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Afterwards we reconvened at Mrs. JLo’s house for dinner and candy distribution for the nighttime trick-or-treaters.  I brought Tally along, in her hot dog costume, and between her, the other dog from our earlier group, the toddler, and four adults answering the door, most of the trick-or-treaters were a bit overwhelmed when we all opened the door! 🙂  But it was a fun way to spend the evening, as opposed to sitting sadly in my non-trick-or-treat-ed house.

Dressed up and ready to celebrate.  Tally still hates the witches hat.


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