DIY Dog Bed

There isn’t much more to say about this project, beyond what the original poster – The Undomesticated Wife – explained in her great step-by-step tutorial.  So I’m mostly just going to show pics of my finished project.

Essentially you’re making one of those tie-fleece blankets that have been around for years.  I used just a yard of fleece fabric, and then cut it into two pieces about 38″ by 29″.  The bed is intended to go in her car kennel which has a floor space about 30″ by 21″.  I cut the fleece larger than that because you need to cut 4 inch strips on each side so you can tie the sides together.  In the pic above, three sides are tied together and the fourth is mostly open so I can insert a pillow.

A stuffed doggie bed!  Now, the tutorial I read somehow managed to fit two pillows inside, but I could only fit one.  So, I don’t know if she used two smaller pillows (there weren’t dimensions listed) or if my pillow is just bigger or if I screwed up the whole project, but onward.  I tied up the remaining strips and put it to the Tally test…

Testing… Checking it out…

Testing… snuggling…

Don’t let these brown eyes fool you.  She’s perfectly comfy and just angling for another treat.

Voila!  Ready for some comfortable long-distance travel 🙂

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