Coming Attractions

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I am focused on lots of big things happening in the coming weeks…

* Goodbye Dinner… Good Navy friends of ours are moving on to their next duty station.  The hubby was in NavyGuy’s squadron for the deployment, and the wife and I started as scrapbooking buddies, and grew into everything friends.  Both of them (he and she) served as mentors of sorts for both NavyGuy and I as we wandered through our first tour.  They have two adorable girls that I’ve gotten close to as well, and now their family is off to California for language school, and then on to somewhere overseas for a foreign service assignment.  So, it will likely be some time before we get the chance to see them again 🙁  Double boo.  We’re headed to their house for a farewell dinner on Tuesday night – bittersweet.

* Hail and Bail… on Friday night it’s our turn to say goodbye to the squadron that’s been home for the past three years.  The Skipper and his wife are hosting a large party for us, and a few other couples who are checking out of the squadron in the coming weeks.  NavyGuy and I will also be personally saying goodbye to another couple that we’re very close with, Ted and Erin.  They are heading back to the East Coast for the remainder of his Navy commitment.  Since NavyGuy and I aren’t physically moving anywhere (just switching to a different squadron), the current spouses’ group has said they aren’t really letting me leave.  A sweet thought, and I’m sure I’ll remain in contact with many of the ladies, but it won’t be the same, not really being in the squadron anymore.  Another bittersweet evening (but much of the bitter will be tempered by naval aviator amounts of liquor 😉

* Very soon after that, NavyGuy, Tally Pup, and I are headed off on a great adventure.  We’re driving home to Wisconsin for an extended holiday vacation.  NavyGuy has many many days of leave to use up between when he checks out of his current squadron and when he’ll check into his new squadron.  So we’re spending about 30 days traveling to and from Wisconsin, visiting friends and family in various Midwest cities, and generally trying to enjoy our holiday break together.  It’s been a long chunk of time with him coming and going on various detachments, so it will be nice to have him around for more than a couple weeks at a time.  I’ve already got the road trip part mostly planned out, with an AAA TripTik to guide us.  Dog-friendly hotels are booked at each stop, as well as two nights at a nice hotel in Appleton, WI where we can take a “break” from everyone for a bit and recharge our holiday spirit.

* And of course, Christmas.  Lots of gift planning, shopping, baking, wrapping, card-writing, celebrating, decorating, eating, drinking, and recovering to be done.  I did the bare minimum of holiday decorating at our house since we won’t be here for the majority of December.  I’m looking forward to being able to do lots of cookie-baking at my mom’s house and my in-laws since we’ll be at both places before Christmas (and we’ll have lots of people around to do cookie-eating!).

So, the to-do list is growing everyday.  I’m trying to limit myself to just what needs to be done in the coming day or two, but it’s much more fun to peruse Christmas gift ideas online, rather than deal with the more practical and pressing matters of house security while we’re gone, or even worse – packing!

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