Random Ranting of the Night

… I am so over the Elf on a Shelf.  When did this nonsense start?  Because I certainly don’t remember it from my childhood.  Supposedly, you have this little elf doll, and you tell your kids that he goes back to the North Pole each night to report to Santa if the kids have been bad.  So, it’s a convenient tool to get your kids to behave for the month of December, but the catch is that you’re supposed to put him in a different place each night, so the kids see that he’s “traveled” overnight.  But of course, with the advent of Pinterest and Facebook, the uber moms of the world have had to raise the bar and make everyone else feel guilty.  Now the cool thing is to make the elf do naughty stuff each night.  For instance, toss mini marshmallows around the elf and other toys, as if they’d had a snowball fight.  Or have the elf “undecorate” the Christmas tree.  Literally, there are whole blogs devoted to ideas about what to do with your Elf.  Insanity!  Like any normal mother has time to remember to move the damn elf each night, let alone create a huge mess to show the kids the next day that the Elf really moved… and then, have to clean up said mess, and think of another idea for the next night!  It’s just too much.  I think some of the Christmas stuff (especially on Pinterest) has gotten out of hand.  Can you have too much Christmas?

(Plus, the Elf is creepy looking, right?)

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