Super Bowl Sunday

I’ve discovered what it takes to make football interesting for me.


NavyGuy and I went to a Super Bowl party tonight. Another flight student in his class was hosting a party at his house, and as we’re always up for chicken wings a good time with friends, we headed over there to watch the game. Part of the fun of the night revolved around a pool that everyone threw money into. NavyGuy and I had awfully terrible numbers (the pool was based on numbers in the teams’ scores at the end of each quarter), but as the fourth quarter neared an end, we were in position to win the big prize! Suddenly, I was inappropriately interested in whether or not the Steelers scored again… as opposed to previously when I was only interested in the commercials (which by the by, stunk hard core this year). Sadly, the stupid Steelers did manage to score again, snatching a twenty dollar prize away from me.

Still a good party though (despite NavyGuy’s near coronary at the poor calls by the refs). I brought the infamous Beer Dip, a recipe that Historygirlie gave me a few years ago. It has become a staple of all festivities and gatherings ever since, and NavyGuy will dip almost anything into it (chips, pretzels, veggies, chicken wings, napkins, etc.). It’s too tasty not to share the recipe:

HistoryGirl Beer Dip
Mix all of the following ingredients (I use a hand mixer to make sure it’s super smooth): two regular size packages of cream cheese, one packet of ranch dressing mix, 1/2 a can of beer, and a little bit of shredded cheese. That’s it! Refridgerate (it’s excellent the second day because the beer has soaked in more), and eat with pretzels or crackers.

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