Road Trip Stats and Superlatives

We are almost almost home.  So close.  I have a backlog of posts about the holiday portion of our road trip, but in the meantime, some snippets from our travels.

Total Time Away From Home: 30 Days

Total Miles Traveled: 4450

Cleanest Road Bathrooms: Starbucks.  Definitely worth going farther off the highway.

La Quinta Breakfasts Consumed: 3

Number of Hours NavyGuy “Let” Me Drive: eight

Number of Hours Spent Supervising NavyGuy’s Driving: 52

Most Overplayed Radio Song: “Die Young” by Ke$ha
Honorable Mention: “Anything Can Happen” by Ellie Goulding
Side Note… I rocked out each time either of these came on.

Favorite River Name: Crazy Woman Creek (yes, Wyoming, you are awesome)

Snowstorms/Blizzards Driven Through: 4

States Visited: 8

Wildlife Viewed: Deer, elk, horses, one wolf, bald eagles, hawks, a white owl that dive-bombed our truck at night going 75mph, and one smallish black lab 🙂

Number of Starbucks Visits in Billings, MT: 2 (same location, different days)

Top Speed: 100 mph (for about 12 seconds on a desolate stretch of I-90 in South Dakota)

Speeding Tickets: Zero!

Favorite Moment: All of the Above


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