Christmas Morning

We spent the days leading up to Christmas in Fond du Lac, at my mom’s house, and in Appleton, visiting friends from college and my teacher days.  A huge blizzard that blew through Wisconsin derailed some of our travel plans.  We were going to spend two days at a nice hotel in Appleton, doing Christmas shopping, visiting people, and getting a little time away from everyone… but when 14 inches of snow blows into town in less than 24 hours, you don’t leave the house.  I was super cranky about the turn of events, but such is life.



Supervising the shoveling

We finally got up to Appleton and got some quality time with HistoryGirlie and her family.  I was too busy helping herd children to get any photos 😉  You’ll have to take my word that HistoryGirlie is well, her kids are adorable, and their home was decked out in Christmas glory (all of which I was painstakingly shown by the five-year old who recently lost her first tooth, which only makes her more irresistible).


Sister, her hubby, and Lucy pup arrived a few days before Christmas.



Tally made herself at home in Lucy’s travel bed.  I have absolutely no idea how she physically managed this, but girl was determined!


Next thing we knew – it was Christmas!  Bring on the merriment and joy and cinnamon rolls (traditional Christmas morning breakfast).  Mom’s tree was decked.  She DIY’d the garland with a fancy paper punch.


Uncle Adam snuggled with Tally.  She’s not quite the lap dog size he’s used to, but they make it work 🙂


And Tally stealing another one of Lucy’s new toys.  She’s such a bully 😉


NavyGuy has the most horrific habit of examining and shaking his presents before opening them.  He dawdles and drags out the process, making me absolutely batty.  I get a gift – immediately rip!


Tally takes a break from opening gifts to snuggle on her new toy.  Thank you Auntie Colleen and Uncle Adam… I love my Christmas Tree!


Post gift-opening chill session.  My big gift was a sewing machine!!!  No, I don’t totally know how to sew unsupervised, but I’ve got the theory down.  I’ll be whipping out amazing creations in no time!

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