Christmas Afternoon

Our family gathers at my aunt and uncle’s house around lunchtime on Christmas day.  The cousins and their husbands typically come and go throughout the afternoon and evening as they have to make appearances at in-laws and such.  It was actually less chaotic this year because only Colleen and Adam had to dash off to visit his family – cousins Janis and Jolene (and their hubbies and kids) were able to stay the whole day, as were NavyGuy and I.  There were four dogs in the one house, and we had expected that would make the day more stressful than usual.  Surprisingly though, the pups had very few squabbles.  We only have two young youngsters for the time being (a 3 year old and a 1 year old), both of whom had pretty good days as well, so overall the day was fairly relaxing, with just enough people and food and noise to make it feel like a celebration 🙂


The hub – cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandpa holding court in the recliner, and mounds of gifts.


Godbaby Tanner (Janis’ son) meeting Tally for the first time, while Grandpa and NavyGuy supervise.  Tanner liked Tally, but there was way too much activity and other things going on that day, so he didn’t pay much attention to her after this.


Four generations.  Grandpa, his daughter (Aunt Terri), her daugher (cousin Janis), and her son.  Tanner is a big Grandpa fan, and the feeling is mutual.  I’m sure Grandpa used to talk about us grandkids as if we walked on water, but nowadays, it’s the great-grandchildren who get the highest accolades 😉


Cousins.  Janis and I are two months apart.  We spent most of our school-age years together, including a three-week European tour in high school.


Lucy, Colleen’s dog, mid-yawn, and Mom.  My mom is currently watching Lucy for a week while Colleen and Adam sneak in a quick Puerto Rican vacation.  Lucy had a very busy Christmas.  Colleen and Adam have Christmas Eve with his family, and then have four different celebrations to hit on Christmas Day, so Lucy was pretty pooped by the time they made it to this gathering.


NavyFamily group shot.  I can’t remember if Tally is being bribed with a treat here or not.  It’s always tough to get pics with her because her black fur blends in with everything, and her eyes are so dark!


Brad, cousin Jolene’s husband, NavyGuy, and Adam always have much to discuss when they convene at Christmas.  I think it’s usually a mix of football talk, laughing at Brad’s funny teacher stories, and debating which of their wives is the craziest.


The four dogs.  Keenan, a high school junior, and their family dog Coco.  NavyGuy (and can you spot Tally?).  Colleen and Lucy.  Cousin Jolene, and her dog Zep.  Jolene and Brad live in the Denver area and also drove home for the holiday, partially so they could bring the dog, and their cat (who was not at this Christmas gathering).


The Harvey Girls.  Colleen, Mom, and myself.  My top was a gift from Colleen and Adam – super soft Banana Republic sweater.  Colleen always buys me the best clothes 🙂


More paparazzi group shots – this time we added the boys.  I like the height symmetry we have going on here – we’re seldom that well-organized when the time comes to group up for photographs.


And the four girl cousins (we’re all within two years of each other age wise), and the men who’ve realized just how awesome we are.

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