More Vacation Fun

After Christmas Day 2.0, the remainder of our time in Wisconsin was spent in Madison with NavyGuy’s family.  His parents recently started a new business, so it was lots of working working working for them, with NavyGuy helping out on the computer side.  That left myself and NavyGuy’s sister Erin, to hold down the homefort.  We weren’t nearly as productive as the rest of the family, but one night we did manage to have dinner ready for everyone when they got home (my mother-in-law’s clam chowder recipe… yum).  We visited the house that NavyGuy’s parents are building.  I had seen the site and very basic progress when I visited in October, so it was cool to see how far along the house is now.  We got to walk through the whole thing, get a better idea of the layout, and pleasantly discover that there is a bar planned for each floor of the house!  Hopefully it should be done in late spring or summer.  It’s going to be beautiful.

New Year’s Eve is MIL’s birthday, so we celebrated by first, going to see Les Miserables (wonderful).  Then it was the traditional lobster and champagne dinner (wonderful wonderful).  I’ve discovered however, that I cannot start drinking champagne at 6pm, as I will then not make it to midnight.  Yep – missed ringing in the new year because bubbly makes me too sleepy.  Alas.

Some random pics from the last chunk of our vacation:


Playtime / Belly rubs for Tally pup


Never far from technology.  At one point, every person’s cell phone was sitting on the kitchen counter, near each other, like a 21st century archeological find.


Raclette night!  It’s a Swiss dish, and also a type of cheese.  The link has a better description.  For us, it meant a participatory dinner where everyone melted piles of cheese that they then added to meats, veggies, and bread.  Much more fun than just making a sandwich.


Visiting NavyGuy’s best friend from high school, Cole.  Cole and his wife had their son in July, and here, he’s showing off NavyGuy’s squadron patch (which we give out to little cousins and such, because, well, they’re kind of cool!)  The patch almost hides the baby’s cheeks, but not entirely, which is not surprising because those cheeks are actually their own zip code. 😉


The soon-to-be farm/ranch/ or alternative name to be decided on.  The massive snowstorm delayed work just a bit, as the crew had to shovel out the majority of the house!  This is the view from the front.  The garage is to the far right, and the main entrance (currently a hole) is above where our red Expedition is parked.


Celebrating’s MIL’s birthday with a cheesecake, and just a few candles 🙂

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