Tuesday Night

… I’m catching up on episodes of Bones from the fall.  This season hasn’t grabbed me, so I’ve been dawdling through the DVR’d episodes.  The episode on right now is dealing with a 9-11 victim, and the episode is good, but also feels forced and is playing too hard on sentimentality.

… NavyGuy left today for a two to four week detachment in California.  He is currently “staff” for the training squadron.  He’ll be spending the time in CA filling in on flights and doing staff work for the squadron.  We can talk on the phone and his schedule will be fairly light.  He doesn’t have a firm return date because the squadron hasn’t decided if they’ll need him at the exercise for the entire time.  So, he might be home for Valentine’s Day, or he could be gone until March.

… it’s been raining nonstop here for several days.  Today was the first day where it let up slightly.  Still cloudy and grey and ugly.  Tally and I went for a short walk (mostly to get the mail), but it’s too miserable to be out for very long.

… I’m afraid I’m getting a cold.  My throat was raw when I woke up this morning.  It’s gotten marginally better throughout the day because of throat drops, tea, and ice cream.  I have been working really hard to stay healthy this winter.  Flu shot in November, vigilant hand-washing, taking Vitamin C.  I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow, and that today was just a fluke.

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