Nuts for the NFL

I don’t know what has happened to me, but I’ve become a football person.  An obsessed, watching all day Sunday, reading the blogs, following the players on Twitter, and screaming at the television, football person.  I blame Aaron Rodgers, the NFL machine, and NavyGuy.

It started when the Packers went on a run in late 2010, culminating with their SuperBowl win that season.  NavyGuy has been a football fan for a long time, and I started watching the games with him a bit then.  The Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was irresistible.  Amazing football player, seemingly a decent guy off the field, and cute to boot.

















Adorable, no?  Such a nice young man.  I digress.  Anyway, so those blue eyes, and some serious chops on the football field, drew me in.  When the following season started, I kept joining NavyGuy in watching the games.  I even tagged along to bars sometimes to watch the games that weren’t being aired out here.  I started figuring out more and more about the game.  And sadly, I started caring more and more.  I know it’s just a game, but c’mon!  When “your team” is down in fourth quarter, you’re gonna get a little fired up!

By halfway through the season, I had my own Rodgers jersey.  He was leading an undefeated team, and racking up record stats in the process.


A Packer family.  Tally even has a Packers collar for game day.  What was happening to me?!?!?!

I was getting more and more into it.  I was only watching Packers games, but I was watching them.  Sitting uninterrupted for three hours, focusing on the game.  I started not pitching a fit if NavyGuy wanted to turn on the pre-game stuff on ESPN before the games.  And then the Packers season ended abruptly with a play off loss to the Giants.  Totally unexpected after a 15-1 season.  Heartbreaking, but now I was hooked.  Sundays became so boring.  Lawn work?  Blergh.  I want to watch a football game!

Now I’ve gone through another football season.  The obsession has gotten much deeper than just an enjoyment of watching Packers games.  Now I watch lots of games.  It started during the fall when NavyGuy was gone on several different detachments.  It kind of made me feel better when he was gone, to have some football on – because if he was home, the game would be on.  Next thing I knew, I was watching the Monday night game.  I’d turn the Sunday night game on while I was making dinner.  And it’s been all downhill ever since.  I discovered that Aaron Rodgers does a weekly radio show – I listen to it as a podcast on my phone when I’m working out.  I have the NFL Mobile app on my phone.  I can name the big name players on many of the teams.  I was in a foul mood for three days after the Fail Mary debacle in Seattle.  I talk smack about players (eg. Jay “cry-baby-bitch-face” Cutler).   And yesterday, I had football on, pretty much all day long.  I couldn’t take a bathroom break during the SuperBowl because for the first time, I was actually watching the game and not just the commercials!  And I love it!!!!

I can’t explain it, and logically, it makes no sense.  I would feel worse about it, except clearly the NFL has this hold on more than just me.  And so far, I’ve kept the obsession relatively tame… no Packers furniture, no Rodgers shrine, no painting the house green and gold, and I haven’t skipped a family event to watch a football game 😉  But please please please, don’t plan your child’s christening or your wedding reception for February 2, 2014.  I’ve got a date with SuperBowl XLVIII.  (Aaron Rodgers better have that date on his calendar too 😉


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