January 2013

Not a super exciting month. Tally claimed a new napping spot, where she could keep an eye on me working on grad school essays at the dining room table.


I also completed my first solo project on my new sewing machine – repairing the ripped crotch of NavyGuy’s gym shorts.


I babysat several times for my favorite clients here.  They are moving in a week.  They’re a super sweet family, and I’m going to miss the girls.  (It also cracks me up that they chose to put the outdoor play house inside in the girls’ playroom.  Makes a lot of sense living in rainy Washington, as the kids got way more use of it inside than they would have out.)


NavyGuy spent MLK weekend skiing in Whistler, BC with several former squadron mates.


There was lots of time in the Starbucks drive-thru.  I’ve given up coffee entirely for the sake of my stomach.  Now my usual is a non-fat chai tea latte.  NavyGuy is still drinking his six-shot latte.  Espresso straight to the brain.


I finally assembled a gift wrap station of sorts.  All of my supplies are contained on the back of a deep closet in the basement.  I am particularly proud because I mounted the shelving myself, using power tools no less!


The sun hid most of the month, but occasionally we got lucky with pretty skies.


NavyGuy left at the end of the month.  He went to El Centro, CA (east of San Diego) as staff support for a training exercise.  He’s been sitting duty, and is now doing a little flying.  No return date at the moment.  The squadron initially planned to use him for two weeks; now he could be there an additional two, three weeks.  I expect I’ll be taking the garbage out at least three more times before he’s home.


The day he left, I came down with a cold.  I’ve been drinking lots of tea, taking Vitamin C, and muddling through.


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