Weekend Recap (4/28)

NavyGuy just got back from a cross-country flight.  And by cross-country, I mean from here to Boise, ID.  With the funding issues the Navy is facing, cross-country flights (intended to help student aviators accomplish numerous events and qualifications efficiently), are now limited to locations within driving distance.  Should the jet break, the Navy wants to be able to simply drive maintainers and possible replacements parts to the jet.  So, NavyGuy and his pilot flew to Boise on Friday during the day, enjoyed the town on Saturday, and then flew back late on Sunday night to fit in a “night flight.”  For as much as he loved (and will always love) the Prowler, NavyGuy is definitely falling for the shiny new toy that is the Growler.


I had a good and bad weekend.  The bad part is the unfortunate return of my unwelcome friend, anxiety.  We’ll chat more about that later, because I’m still in the denial / ignore phase.  The GOOD part of the weekend was spending much of Saturday with a couple from our old squadron.  They have an 8 month old daughter who smiles and giggles and generally lights up all rooms.  The couple invited me to join them at a couple town events, and then stay for dinner at their house.  We wandered through a gardening expo and learned about bonzai.  One of the presenters vehemently corrected our pronunciation… BONE-zai, not BAHN-zai!  We met up with another friend of theirs and then checked out an antiques/shabby chic fair that was also going on downtown.  The weather for the whole day was miserable – rainy, windy, bitter cold – so we abandoned our third plan of taking the dogs to the beach.  Tally still had a great time hanging at their house and playing with their dog (and cats and all other humans that would love on her).  Dinner was delicious grilled chicken and halibut, and a wilted Romaine salad.  The couple is doing a “conscious cleanse” for two weeks, so they’re diet was pretty limited (hence the very basic menu).  It was hilarious to watch them both salivating over every carbohydrate or sweet treat we saw while out and about… but good for them for trying to be healthier!  D and J are a great couple, and really fun to hang out with.  They’re so laid-back and have just a really great energy.  I definitely appreciated being able to spend most of Saturday with them.  It made the weekend go by much faster 🙂

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