Independence Day

(The actual holiday – not the film.  Though, we did catch parts of the film at several points throughout the 4th.  That, and the Walking Dead marathon running on AMC over the entire weekend.)  Moving on.

NavyGuy had a “96 hour,” meaning, a 96 hour leave block starting on Thursday the 4th.  We also had agreed to watch Daryl and JLo’s pup Angel for the weekend while they were out of town.  Our 4th of July celebration was pretty low-key.  We started off with the Anacortes town parade.  For a small town, they pull out all the stops for the parade… anyone and everyone participates, and the parade lasted more than an hour and a half this year.  The dogs each got homemade patriotic bandanas, and spent most of the parade lounging and panting.



After the parade, we headed back to the house to cool off and relax for the afternoon.  NavyGuy and I watched some zombies, read, and pulled together a simple dinner of grilled hot dogs and fruit.





(NavyGuy’s only red-white-and-blue shirt is a Phillies tee that his sister sent from Philadelphia.  I should have tied one of the dog bandanas around his neck 😉

My new DIY holiday table runner.  As I was sewing it, NavyGuy asked if I was making a pillow… so apparently my technique might have been slightly off, but I’m happy with how it turned out!



Once the sun went down, we headed to the marina area overlooking Fidalgo Bay to watch the fireworks.  It had cooled off substantially, so I wrapped up in blankets and was happy the show only last about 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, when we arrived back home, Angel had shared her displeasure at being left out the fun… by overturning the garbage can by the back door, and strewing garbage all around the hallway.  Luckily, neither dog got into anything dangerous, so no one got sick. The garbage and recycling bins were relocated to the garage for the remainder of Angel’s stay 🙂

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