20 Hours In

My thoughts on nannying, after two days of work:

… C is a super sweet little boy, and I’m excited to do this job for a while.  Obviously it’s only been two (relatively) easy days, but the experience has helped solidify the idea that I want to be a stay-at-home mom.  I enjoy playing with him, and doing household chores, and planning playdates and outings, and researching and thinking about his development.  I’m exhausted, but happy.

… possibly the most physically challenging aspect of the job is maneuvering him in and out of his carseat.  C is eleven months old, and no slouch in the weight percentile 🙂  Lifting him in and out of a rear-facing carseat, in the middle of the backseat of a Ford Explorer is going to either provide my complete arm and back workout for the foreseeable future, or put me in traction.  C is at that tough point where he’s quite heavy to move around, but he’s not old enough to be able to really help at all.  Alas, it’s part of the deal.

… the other current challenge is mealtimes.  C is starting to reach the stage where he is NOT interested in being confined to a highchair.  He recently started on whole milk (instead of breastmilk), which has also lessened his appetite, compounding the problem.  I’ve got to pull out quite the song and dance routine to get him fed.  We’re going to try some different high chair arrangements tomorrow (no tray, pull the chair up to the kitchen counter or table, etc.) to see if that helps.  Cross your fingers!

… knock on wood, C is a very good sleeper.  He’s been taking a solid two hour nap around noon each day, and goes down without much fuss.  (Knock on wood again, please.)  I so appreciate that break in the middle of the day to recharge.  I only have a few chores to do around the house (C’s dishes and food prep, vacuum his play area, and baby laundry once a week or so), which means so far I’ve been able to get most of that done while he’s awake, and I can use naptime to work on grad work, read, watch a tv show, or make phone calls and such.  I really hope this bliss lasts!

… the family has hired another Navy wife to be a co-nanny of sorts.  She and I are going to split the job starting next week, so we’ll each only have to work 2 or 3 days a week, and have some free time.  It’s also good because then if one of us is sick, the other can fill in, vacations, flexibility for random Navy things that come up, etc.  I met the other nanny yesterday and she’s fabulous.  She’s Australian, and very nice.  Obviously, I won’t see her very often, but we’ll see what happens.

Gotta go Pinterest some toddler activities!

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