Cheers and Jeers

Cheers… to a good day nannying.  Baby C is just over a year old now and changing every day.  We spent the day inside because the wind was howling and it kept raining sporadically, but we had fun all the same.  C is on always on the move; he’s cruising around furniture and racing his walker around the livingroom.  Standing unassisted is the trick of the week – but he only manages it when he’s distracted and doesn’t realize he’s managed it!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he waits to take his first steps when mom and dad are home.  Mealtimes are also getting more interesting as he’s getting (slightly) more adventurous with solids.  Today was macaroni and cheese!  We were also working on his “soooooo big” arm raising skills.

Jeers… to the current state of our house.  We have five different projects in various stages, so too many things are out of order for my liking.  Everything is a positive upgrade, but the piles of items on tables and counters, tools not put away, and general disarray makes me twitchy.

Cheers… to a fun weekend.  NavyGuy and I watched some House of Cards, saw the Lego Movie (good fun, but had a twist I did not see coming), attended a party with many Navy buddies, and enjoyed a yummy brunch at Calico Cupboard… cinnamon roll heaven.

Cheers… to making progress on a grad school essay while Baby C napped today.  I’m almost finished with Multicultural Education, thank goodness.

Jeers… to spending most of last week with a nasty cold (hence the lack o’ posting).  I had to cancel on nannying for three days so I wouldn’t spread germs.

Cheers… to a completely low-key and wonderful Valentine’s Day.  NavyGuy and I dined on the classy heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s and caught up on the Tivo list.  In my sweatpants.  Bliss.


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