Pinning This Week

This is what has caught my eye on Pinterest in the past week…

Flourless Black Bean Brownies

This recipe is from, which is a blog I follow.  I’ve tried a few of her recipes before and they’ve all been successful.  Unfortunately, these were not.  Don’t get me wrong – the taste was spot on.  You’d have no idea that there were beans in them.  The problem however was the texture.  Somehow they were moist, but crumbled when touched.  I had to serve them on a plate with a fork, which to me, is not a brownie.  Alas.

Flat-Belly Yoga Sequence

I’m not sure my belly is much flatter, but my arms certainly hurt after doing it!  Numbers 6,8, and 14 are particularly challenging.  The last move often leads to me somersaulting and flying into Tally pup if she’s observing the livingroom yoga.

Kale Smoothie Base

If I’m going to make a smoothie instead of snacking on chips, I need every convenience I can get.  Blending up a whole container of kale is the way to go.  I added a bit of water to make sure everything froze well and stuck together, and then filled a muffin tin with the mixture.  Wait until they freeze, then pop them out and store in a ziplock bag.  Works like a charm.  Pinterest Win!

Toddler Activity

This is on my list to try with Baby C the next rainy day we have.  You attach a couple toilet paper / paper towel tubes to the wall, and let the little one have fun dropping pom poms or small-ish items through them.  It’s a Montessori inspired activity that is supposed to encourage coordination and the finger/thumb pinch; obviously if you’re using small items with a youngster who is still apt to put things in his mouth, you’ll need to play with him 🙂

Just because…

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