A Nannying First

Due to a scheduling mix-up, I ended up being the one to take Baby C to his one-year well baby check-up on Monday instead of his mama.  Definitely a first for me (and technically for him too!), but it all went well.  I came armed with questions from his mama, and a bag of treats to keep him occupied while we waited.  The Doctor was super nice and was very understanding about the caregiver swap-a-roo.


(Clearly, he’s getting some new back teeth, and no teething ring or biter can match the excellence that is one’s fingers.)

Baby C measured off the charts for height (like 110th percentile) and clocked in at a hearty 26 lbs… so he basically resembles a two year old 🙂  Everything else checked out healthy, but then came the worst part – shots!  C was due for two vaccinations.  There were a few big alligator tears when the needle went in, but he bounced back like a champ.  All in all, I think we both passed the check-up with flying colors!


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