Oscar Preview

For the third year in a row, NavyGuy and I managed to see all of the Academy Award Best Picture nominated films before the Oscar telecast.  I have to admit, we’re quite proud of ourselves, and really enjoy how this has become our little tradition.  The quest to see all of the nominees adds some adventure and fun to the typically dull month of February.  My thoughts before tomorrow night’s show:

… I think the Best Picture prize is a race between 12 Years a Slave and Gravity, with American Hustle as a potential spoiler.

… Cate Blanchett is going to win Best Actress.

… Matthew McConaghey is most likely going to win Best Actor.

… The Best Director award will go to a director whose film does not win Best Picture.

… Idina Menzel is going to perform, which could be a highlight of the night.

… I am neutral about Ellen DeGeneres as host – I’m not overly excited about her, but I think she’ll be fine.

… All of the nine nominated films this year were enjoyable to watch.  That has not always been the case!  (I’m looking at you, 2012’s Tree of Life.)  

… Nominated Film I am Most Likely to Rewatch: American Hustle (funniest, most engaging and entertaining)

… Nominated Film I am Least Likely to Rewatch: Her  (Long and depressing.  Of course, 12 Years a Slave is no joy ride, butI could see rewatching it at some point because it is historical.)

… Nominated Film I was Most Surprised By: Nebraska (Less depressing than expected)

… Nominated Film I was Least Surprised By: Wolf of Wall Street (Typical Scorsese flick – lots of swearing, drugs, and about an hour too long)

… Nominated Film YOU Should Watch if You Only Have Time for One:  Gravity (It’s the shortest, and the most likely to still be talked about 10 years from now.)

Bring on the champagne and insane red carpet dresses!

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