Bedroom Updates



I had to search back pretty far to find a photo of the master bedroom before our recent updates. Well, I had to search to find a photo of the room without a giant puppy dog head taking up most of the frame.


I’ve been on a mission to make our bedroom less cluttered, more grown-up, and generally just more peaceful and relaxing.  It seems like the master bedroom is one of the last places to get any attention in a house.  I’ve always attributed it to the idea of “why would you spend money on the room that only you and/or your spouse see?” when there’s so many other public spaces in your house that get lots of use.

So for a long while, this is as far as our bedroom got.  Mismatched furniture, a small-ish television, and my one attempt at a “gallery” wall of various framed works.  This photo was from before the new duvet cover even.  Slowly but surely, it’s coming together.  I sold NavyGuy on the matching nightstands, and our new white duvet cover.  A great sale on brought a larger flat-screen television.  And then finally, the Pottery Barn gods shone down from above, and they let me use a 15% promo code on the dresser I’d had stashed in my online cart for years…

Beautiful.  And it was delivered fully assembled!  This still amazes me as most of my furniture experience involves a box, an allen wrench, and head-scratching assembly directions.  Anyway, with the addition of this dresser, it was finally feasible to mount the tv on the wall above it, and take this master bedroom upgrade into the stratosphere.


NavyGuy was in charge of the project, and took my OCD into account in the planning… all of the cables/cords/ugliness would be hidden in the wall.  This required sawing into the wall and doing all kinds of electrical and manly work that I frankly, was not convinced he could safely do.


I had to step out for most of the process, because the chaos and mess was making me twitchy.


Successful electrical work with no shocks!


The television has been up – securely – for about a week and a half.  Tally approves.  The TiVo sits nicely on the top of the dresser and now I have room for my sitting chair and big Target mirror in the corner.



(Don’t be alarmed by the cockeyed angles in this photo – everything is straight in real life, we just hadn’t pushed the dresser all the way back when I took this photo.)  I’m in love.  The dresser holds a multitude of sins (in fact, I still have three empty drawers just waiting to be filled with either stuff from closet or stuff from Old Navy ;).  The TV set-up is so slick, and I feel totally pampered lounging in bed at night watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  (We’ve totally started watching and are both big fans… he’s just so earnest and happy and willing to laugh at himself.)  NavyGuy’s dresser got moved to the right wall, and all that’s left to do is rehang the pictures.  I think I’m going to make another gallery wall above the blue chair, next to the window.  And now I’m off to chill and relax in my sanctuary… 🙂

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