Sunday Odds and Ends

… Did you remember to Spring Forward?  I think we’ve changed all the clocks in the house.  Someone needs to invent a little device that you can click and instantly make all your time-telling-devices jump to the correct time.  Like the Deluminator.  But for clock accuracy.  Also, how do you explain Daylight Savings Time to kids?  Sara mentioned the other day that goddaughter Macy is very big into telling time right now, and I can’t even begin to imagine how you explain this antiquated system to a six year old.

… NavyGuy and I took Tally pup for a short hike today.  I’m excited for the weather to start clearing up, and for the rains to lessen, so that it’s more of a hike and less of a “stomp through trenches of mud and water in the woods until everyone needs a scrubbing from the knees down.”

… On Saturday night, we brought baked ziti over to new friends, and had a nice little dinner together.  They are another Navy couple that I originally met when they were seeking a babysitter.  I occasionally watched their son, who is now three for the past year; less than two months ago, they welcomed a baby girl to the family.  They’re good Midwestern stock and we’ve started to spend more time with them socially (instead of babysitting) because we get along well and they’re very casual and fun.  With little ones at home, our evening was over by about 7:30, but that worked out perfectly for us!  A quick trip to Toppins (the frozen yogurt bar), and then home in time to finish Season 2 of Luther.  (Idris Elba is a delight.)

… Lazy Sunday for all of us – especially the smallest.  She’s been overly needy and snuggly this weekend.  Perhaps my being gone three days a week is emotionally scarring for her… I should probably quit and stay home with her 😉


… NavyGuy is now telling me to wrap this up because he’s forcing me to watch COSMOS, this new science TV show that starts tonight.  NavyGuy has literally been looking forward to this for weeks.  We are watching it live, which we haven’t done for any show in years.  I am dreading this.  It’s like NOVA on steroids, and I don’t remember agreeing to this in our wedding vows.


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