Spring Sing Fling Thing*

This was what greeted me as I walked into the dentist’s office this fine March morning.


Yes.  A thousand times, Yes.  Bring it on spring.  We certainly haven’t had a harsh winter (especially compared to the frozen snowy hellscape that the Midwest saw this year), but I love it when the weather turns and spring arrives.  I live a much healthier life when the weather is nice.  I eat better, I get outside more, I’m more active, and my mood improves exponentially.  Blooms more blooms.

It was 50 degrees in Anacortes today, and we’ve had glorious sunshine all week.  Tally and I took advantage today.  We started cleaning up the yard a bit – weeding and trimming back my hydrangea bush.



We headed up to the community forest lands behind our house and hiked.


It was deserted enough that I let Tally off the leash.  She is surprisingly adept at trotting a bit ahead, then stopping and checking to make sure I’m still on my way.




I got this look a few times though, which clearly means, “Mumma!  Hurry!  Hike faster!  This is soooooo much fun!”

20140313_133047 (1)-001

The trail had some slight elevations, but nothing too steep.  Most of the path was dry as well, though I did have to do some creative footwork in a few spots to avoid mud puddles.  All in all, today has me very excited for more spring!

*This was the title of our elementary spring music program.  Too this day, it makes absolutely no sense, but rolls off the tongue in such a pleasing manner that you can’t help but smile when you say it.


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