I suspect I’ve finally cracked…

I’m contemplating a challenge for 2010.

In my daily blog perusal, I stumbled upon a blogger encouraging a book challenge. To read 100 books in 2010.


One hundred!!!

I had been pretty impressed with my 2009 list of twenty books, but apparently I had set the bar too low. So for the past couple of days, I’ve been mulling over this idea of reading 100 books in one year. Was it completely insane? Would it kill my love of reading? Would it simply kill me?

I certainly have 100 books that I’d be interested in reading. (Finding things I want to read has never ever been a concern.) However, I started doing a little math. 100 books in 52 weeks basically means two books a week. Yikes. That’s a lot of reading. Even if I cut back significantly on my television watching, and find a way to read while showering, that’s still going to be pushing it a bit. NavyGuy will be deployed for six months of the year, and I anticipate a lot of quality reading time while he’s gone, but there’s something to be said for quality over quantity…

So, now I’m thinking maybe 50 would be a more reasonable goal. Still a challenge – a book a week – but potentially doable. What do we think? Have I finally gone off the deep end, or is this an admirable challenge? Anyone willing to accept the challenge with me (setting whatever book goal you think would be appropriate for yourself)? Any major flaws in my plan that I’ve overlooked?


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