Holiday Baking

She’s finally been takin’ out for her first spin…

Yes, it’s official. After being terrified to turn it on for six months, I used the glorious pink KitchenAid stand mixer for the first time today to make several different kinds of holiday cookies. It’s kind of intimidating, no? Okay, maybe I’m the only one, but it’s like super expensive and heavy as all get out, so I was always a wee bit nervous that I was going to break it or something. So I just let it sit on my counter and shine in all it’s pretty pinkness.

Well her cushy days of just being counter candy are over! Baby works like a charm! In fact I spent so much time baking this morning, that Tally finally got bored of wandering around my feet and decided to curl up in a safe place (just in case things went haywire in the kitchen).

The results of all my hard work today? A couple batches of Fudge Crinkles, a family recipe called Sweet Treats, and possibly my new favorite: Fake-Out Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars…

I’ll admit, they aren’t quite the same as the real ones (the blondie base is thicker than the ones you’ll get at Starbucks), but the flavor and taste is super similar, and I think, quite delicious. My mom found the recipe here, and even though they take some time and effort, they’re way worth it. (Mine obviously don’t look as pretty as those in the recipe photo, but give me a break – this was the first corner piece that’s always a pain in the booty to get out of the pan!).

More recipes to come – I have Monday off of work, so I’m going to try to get some fudge made, and NavyGuy will absolutely die if he doesn’t have his Peanut Butter Chocolate Wheat Thins.

What Christmas cookies are your favorites? Does anyone have all their baking done?

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