Glee DVR Debacle

Did you miss the final three minutes of last night’s Madonna themed episode of Glee because American Idol thinks it rules the world and can just go as long as it damn pleases?!?!?!?

No, I didn’t miss it, but that’s only because for once, living on the West Coast in the most behind time zone worked to my benefit – Mom had called to warn me about the potential DVR shenanigans, so I watched Glee live in order to see the whole thing.  But I feel the pain for all the rest of you who may have missed the best musical number of the night (how did we feel about the episode overall though?  I can’t decide – everyone is claiming it’s the best hour of ‘TV ever, but I’m unsettled for some reason…).  The last three minutes had the entire  glee club singing “Like a Prayer” with a gospel choir backing them up, and it was freaking awesome.  iTunes has the full version of the song available for download (as well as the other songs from the night), and EW was kind enough to embed the last three minutes of the episode.

Go here for the Like a Prayer scene – and then watch it five times in a row 🙂

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