The Least Exciting Type of Shoes to Buy

Alternatively Titled: How I Can Justify Any Purchase

During work on Tuesday, I was helping the Food Ave guy put a new bucket of oil underneath the popcorn machine.  It’s crazy heavy, has to be moved with the lid off, and is incredible awkward to lift.  There’s a heating element that has to be fitted on top as you move the bucket in the machine, and overall – it’s a huge pain in the ass.  Stupidly, I agreed to help my coworker with the task.

Next think I knew, popcorn oil was sploshing all over the side of the bucket and covering my tennis shoes.  And of course, I had happened to wear my running shoes to work that day.  The shoes are now slippery and yellow.  And smell like cooking oil.

So, now I not only need a new pair of running shoes, I also need a new pair of shoes to wear to work.  I put Sister in charge of sending me running shoe advice (as she’s become one of those crazy runners), but I need help from the rest of you.

In all my previous jobs, I could spend a significant portion of my day sitting or perched on a stool – never standing for 8 hours straight like I do now at the ‘Bux – so my shoes were selected more for beauty rather than function.  However, now my lower back wants to kill me by the end of my coffee shifts, which I blame on the inadequate work shoes I’ve been wearing.  Clearly, I could just buy another pair of basic athletic shoes, but perhaps I’m unaware of some secret fast-food-retail-nursing-carnival-barker-or-other-predominantly-standing-profession shoes that are sturdy, supportive, and not uber expensive.  I care not one bit about attractiveness; bring on the old lunch lady orthopedic shoes if that’s the best option.

Anyone have any recommendations?  Or suggestions for which Dr. Scholl’s inserts I should just shove in my lawn-mowing shoes and start wearing to work?

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