Shoe Shenanigans Continued

Why can’t I just go to the store and buy a simple pair of athletic shoes?  When did it get so complicated?  Okay, so today I checked out Kohls (because they usually have good sales, and I had a $10 off coupon and I’m cheap), and they had Reebok SimplyTone High Performance Toning shoes on sale.  You know -the ones in the commercials with the girls with cute tushes strutting down docks and beaches and stuff toning their hamstrings and calves whilst not breaking a sweat?  [I’m not quite sure what the difference between “EasyTone” and “SimplyTone” is, but they both say Reebok (and not like, Freebok, or some knock-off), so I’m thinking they’re in the same vein.]

Anyway, so of course, there was only one pair left in my size, so I bought them.

And now I’m having doubts.  I bought them under the rationale that a) they would be good walking shoes as I’m not really a serious runner and if I somehow miraculously morph into a serious runner, then I’ll invest in serious running shoes, b) allegedly, they’re supposed to work my muscles better than ordinary shoes, and considering that my fitness routine is sporadic at best, I might as well try and get the most out of any time I do spend working out, and c) they’re comfortable.  I did a test run around the Kohls store (yeah, the employees were really thrilled to see me lapping the shoe department six times), and I was surprised at how not unstable the shoes seemed.  From everything I’d read, people were claiming they had trouble adjusting to the imbalance (there’s pockets of air in the bottom sort of mimicking those Bosu balls that you can do squats on at the gym).  I however, merely thought my feet felt better than usual – like walking on very well padded slippers.

But, now that I’ve gotten home and done more research online, several sites have claimed a) these “EasyTone” or “SimplyTone” shoes are phooey, b) they do nothing extra for your muscles, and c) could actually be bad for your body because they reduce the role of your toes in balance and gait, which is (some long winded anatomy explanation) bad.

I don’t know.  I haven’t taken the tags off, so they can go back.  But they’re comfy.  So if they feel okay to me should I just stick with my decision?  (Oh, the work shoes were a bust.  You all gave great suggestions, but I’m on the fence about investing mucho moola in shoes that a) could again be doused in popcorn oil, or b) may be obsolete in a few months, depending on how much longer I can stick it out at Target… so for the time being, it’s yellow stinky tennis shoes for me at work.  People will just have to deal.)

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