Weekend Update

~ NavyGuy is back in the house.  He returned on Saturday from his week long detachment in the booming metropolis of Boise, Idaho (Mountain Home Air Force Base to be exact), and he brilliantly brought the best possible souvenirs… stamps from Archivers!  The Boise location is the closest one to us (still a nearly insurmountable 9 hours away), so he checked his man card at the door, and spent a good thirty minutes perusing the scrappy aisles.

So now I’m doing some playing with “Shine on” from Unity Stamp Company, and…

…Signs ‘O Spring Tree

~ The shoe shenanigans have also been put to rest for the time being.  I returned the Easy Toners, and got a cheap pair of Nikes for work, and a pair of Asics (Sister approved the brand) for walking/running.

They’re so flashy!  I love ’em.  And they were officially broken in on a nice walk this evening.

Now that I’ve started this update post, I’m realizing that it was actually a very low-key, un-newsworthy kind of weekend.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means I don’t have a lot to report!  NavyGuy and I caught up on some television shows he’d missed during the week, a little yard work, and not a whole heck of a lot else.

How was everyone else’s weekend?  More exciting than ours?  Or equally hum-drum?

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