Recently, I finished reading a book called Snoop; What Your Stuff Says About You by Sam Gosling.  Gosling is an associate professor of psychology and has spent much of his career studying what people’s offices, bedrooms, music collections, and other personal items say about them.  The book is an unofficial guide to snooping – it even clarifies what people might display as distractors or “false” identity claims.  For instance, one coffee table book on the history of jazz music might tip off a person to think that your blind date is a cultured music fan.  However, that one coffee table book is easy to fake – to get a real sense of his or her musical tastes, you’d need to snoop at what’s on the “most played” list of their iPod, which is drastically more difficult for a person to fake (and clearly, if’s it’s all recent country hits, the jazz book may be suspect).

Anyway, since none of you can snoop through my house (though, how cool would it be if you all came and visited?!?!), so I took some photos for you to use as snooping practice!  I’ll post the pictures below, and you can give your “analysis” or what you think you’ve learned about me from the photos, and then later in the week, I’ll post the real explanations for all the photos.  Happy snooping!

Leave your thoughts about what you’ve learned from snooping!

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