Cheers and Jeers

Cheers… to volunteering to be the secretary for our squadron spouses’ club.  I just love taking notes, and now I don’t feel obligated to volunteer for something less appealing 🙂

Jeers… to having to discuss Emergency Data Sheets at the meeting Monday night.  Emergency Data Sheets are what we fill out before the Navy men deploy.  They’re basically the “if the worst happens” sheets – so who do I want to be with me when they inform me that the worst has happened, do I want a priest or clergy member around, is there a neighbor to notify, what’s the family password to tell kids if they need to be picked up at school in some emergency, who is the next of kin, and so on.  Basically, the most sobering form you’ll ever fill out.  NavyGuy and I tackled this a while back, but we discussed it more at the meeting, and it was a downer.  Cheers to being prepared, but major jeers for having to face reality.

Cheers… to spending the day scrapbooking with a few Navy spouses.  I finished three pages, and got started on a few more, which is significant progress when you figure in the time I spent watching Monsters Inc with the kids that were there, taking a break to make a DQ blizzard run, and the generally chatting and gossiping with the ladies.

Cheers… to finding out that we’re going to get our driveway finished FOR FREE!  Long story short, the bottom half of our driveway is not paved (it’s gravel), and instead of us having to pay to have someone finish paving it, the city is going to do it as part of their adding a curb to the street/doing something with the sewer.  The details flew over my head when NavyGuy explained it, but basically – we should have a real live full-length driveway by the end of next week!

Jeers… to finding out that it’s going to be another MONTH before we get Tally puppy back!!!!  I know.  I could just die.  She was supposed to come back in the next two weeks-ish, but the trainer wants her to stay for a few extra weeks to get more practice in.  Tally started her training at the very youngest age the trainer will take dogs, so NavyGuy apparently expected that this might happen; I however, refused to listen to the specifics, and simply told myself Tally would be back before NavyGuy deployed… and now I’m going to have to go pick up the dog alone, and bring her home and get her re-acclimated to the house alone, and NavyGuy isn’t going to get to see her before he goes, and it’s all just wretched!  And to top it all off, I am going home for a wedding in early June, so Tally will have to go to the kennel after being home for just a little more than a week.  The poor thing is never going to forgive me, and her teenage years are just going to be chock full of resentful tantrums (and frequent curfew battles).

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