Snoop Part 2: The Reveal

Check out Part 1 of the Snoop book here, or just check out the following photos that give you a “snoop” into my life:

The paper hub of the house – my desk off the kitchen.  If you click on the photo you’ll be able to see The Office Page a Day Calendar, an Arizona Tea Can lamp that I made in Tech Ed class in 8th grade (still works!), Tally’s first toy which needs to be sewn shut (cuz I refuse to throw out her first puppy toy that she got on Halloween), and various office supplies that I always need accessible – pens, address book, stamps, post-its, etc.

My apron from ‘the Bux.  I always have two things in my apron pockets at work – a good pen, and my coffee passport.  A barista’s coffee passport is essentially the cheat sheet for all the information about the different coffees.  So while it may seem like I know what I’m talking about, usually I’ve just peeked at the passport in order to confirm what pastries would pair nicely with Cafe Verona.

Our wedding china.  Waterford Ballet Ribbon pattern.  I was sold on this china before I was sold on NavyGuy (jk).  Growing up, I associated being married with having nice china.  Even if all you served on it was frozen pizza.

And what can we learn from my shower shelf?  Well, 1) I’m currently going through a “why spend more than 99 cents on a bottle of shampoo?” phase, and 2) I apparently don’t know how to put the shaving cream top back on the can.  Whoops.

The nightstand, with it’s constant pile of in progress books.  There’s a few finished items on the stack, waiting to be re-shelved in the basement book nook.  This schizophrenic type collection of reading material is par for the course; I’ll waffle between a Nora Roberts bodice ripper and a current events tome in one sitting.

Diet Mountain Dew.  Plain bagels.  Peach yogurt.  Chocolate pudding.  An empty produce drawer.  No joke – that’s a decently stocked fridge for us.  We’re still working on the whole eating like grown-ups thing…

The jewelry that I wear everyday (engagement and wedding rings, soldered together; diamond stud earrings; Citizen watch).  All gifts from NavyGuy.  He has excellent taste.

Where the (craft) magic happens.  This is more to prove that when I’m actually in the creative zone and working my paper-crafting mojo, it’s a messy sight.  We’ll take a more detailed tour through the area once I’ve cleaned a bit, but you should assume that 9 times out of 10 – that’s what you’ll find if you stumble into the craft room.

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