So, you’ve stumbled upon MarryingtheNavy.  Welcome.  Don’t be scared.

I began blogging in June 2008 for several reasons.  I had just quit my job, moved in with my fiance, relocated from Wisconsin to Florida, and was just starting my new life as a (soon-to-be) Navy wife.  Concerned that my brain may addle without a full-time job in education, and wanting a “simple” way to keep family and friends apprised of my goings-on, I figured a blog could help pass the time and solve both problems.  Little did I know what was in store – for me, and for this blog.

Jump to nearly two years later.  My fiance is now my husband (NavyGuy, a flight officer for a Prowler squadron), my home is now Washington state, my job is still in flux, and unfortunately, my brain has certainly addled a bit.  But blogging has become a daily ritual, a connection to friends in both the real – and online- world, a creative outlet, and an excuse to do crazy things… cuz those make the best blog stories.

So, come on in and get comfy.  You can even put your feet up on the furniture.  (But please use a coaster.)